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Archdaily: Announcing "Women in Architecture" Documentary

Thinking on how to share empowering stories about women who are making an impact on the built environment through architecture, we partnered with filmmaker Boris Noir who developed the concept for the documentary “Women in Architecture”. The project has been initiated by Sky-Frame to shed more light on the role of women in architecture, by increasing their visibility and empowering them to realize their full potential.

We reached out to Toshiko MoriGabriela Carrillo, and Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge, three architects in three different countries, in different stages of their careers, but with a lot in common: recognized practitioners, with a passion for education, working with communities, and a sensibility towards the needs of society and the built environment.

Archdaily: Living with Sky-Frame: Where Boundaries Fade Away

Sky-Frame Swiss-made frameless windows and sliding doors continue to revolutionize the transition between indoors and outdoors, by providing unbounded spatial experiences with spectacular vistas.

Sky-Frame installed a mirrored raft as an imaginary living room on Lake Lucerne for their latest commercial film in the series “Living with Sky-Frame – Lake Lucerne.” This video explores how the inside joins the outside and the living space connects with nature.

In the video, a woman sits at her grand piano in a floating living room amidst the natural landscape of Lake Lucerne, soulfully immersed in her music and indulging her imagination. She feels weightless, connected to nature, looking for harmony and inspiration. When she awakens from her daydream, she finds herself in her real living room and discovers that what she is looking for is right in front of her – it is all just a matter of perspective.

DesignBoom: Sky-frame depicts winter wonderland in living with sky-frame: moscow film

in the latest short film from their ‘living with sky-frame’ series, the swiss frameless sliding door specialist evokes a seasonal dreamscape to showcase the intangible qualities of its glazing solutions.


it’s a cold winter’s night in a suburb of moscow. a family gathers in a stylish villa to celebrate a young girl’s birthday. as she gazes through the full-height sliding glass doors, the girl imagines a figure skater pirouetting gracefully on an ice rink as the snow falls softly around her. is she daydreaming about her future self? all we know is that she sees more than the simple reality beyond the glass. Лев Лурье, Андрей Ургант и Александр Цыпкин рассуждают о барной культуре Петербурга в новом фильме Бориса Самохвалова «Квадратный метр» о законе против «наливаек»

Режиссер Борис Самохвалов выпустил документальный фильм «Квадратный метр», посвященный барной культуре Петербурга и тому, что угрожает ей прямо сейчас — законе о запрете продажи алкоголя в заведениях площадью менее 50 квадратных метров, располагающихся в жилых домах. Главными героями ленты, снятой полностью на некоммерческой основе, стали писатель Александр Цыпкин, актер Андрей Ургант, историк Лев Лурье, а также ресторанные критики, журналисты, рестораторы и бармены.

ля фильма мы выбрали тех героев, кто известен петербуржцам, кто может рассказать о городе и кто связан с ним. Мы хотели услышать рассказ Урганта о том, как Петербург изменился с приходом авторских баров — все-таки 90-е были абсолютно другими, не говоря уже о советском времени. Сейчас питейная культура другая. Лурье мог рассказать об истории города, откуда все произошло, как развивалось. Ему лично не нужны эти бары, он ходит в совсем другие места, которые также могут закрыться из-за этого закона — например, кафе «Снежинка» на Петроградской или рюмочная на Пушкинской. Даже эти места, ставшие историей Петербурга, куда ходят семьями, попадают под закон. 

Archdaily: A Building Shaped by Views: Living with 'Sky-Frame' in Hamburg

“A view, not a window” is the slogan of Swiss company Sky-Frame. Since its founding in 2003, Sky-Frame products have been featured in thousands of projects worldwide, winning design and business awards along the way for their frameless sliding windows. 

A recent addition to the Living with Sky-Frame series is the video above, “Living with Sky-Frame: Hamburg,” which highlights The Fontenay, a new luxury lakeside residence in Hamburg featuring Sky-Frame sliding windows and doors. Architects Störmer, Murphy and Partners drew inspiration for the building’s organic form from its setting on the shores of Alster Lake and the surrounding parkland.

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