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Living with Sky-Frame: Where Boundaries Fade Away

Source link, Written by Olivia Bartolini

Sky-Frame Swiss-made frameless windows and sliding doors continue to revolutionize the transition between indoors and outdoors, by providing unbounded spatial experiences with spectacular vistas.

Sky-Frame installed a mirrored raft as an imaginary living room on Lake Lucerne for their latest commercial film in the series “Living with Sky-Frame – Lake Lucerne.” This video explores how the inside joins the outside and the living space connects with nature.

In the video, a woman sits at her grand piano in a floating living room amidst the natural landscape of Lake Lucerne, soulfully immersed in her music and indulging her imagination. She feels weightless, connected to nature, looking for harmony and inspiration. When she awakens from her daydream, she finds herself in her real living room and discovers that what she is looking for is right in front of her – it is all just a matter of perspective.

The film was made by Sky-Frame, in close collaboration with director Boris Noir, and launched during an exclusive event with friends and partners of the company. The sense of boundlessness was brought to life in the form of a classical concert on the raft installation, floating by the shores of Lake Lucerne.

A note from director Boris Noir: 

Do we not often try to escape from everyday life to find absolute satisfaction in the depths of our dreams? Right there, beyond the eternal horizon of reality, is where we can have everything and be everything. As architects of infinity, we build piece by piece what we might never dare to construct in reality – the perfect world, fed by endless inspiration.

But where does each idea come from, where is the source that stimulates our creative spirit? Perhaps, if we just looked around us, would we discover that the whole world is speaking to us, Hidden in all the small and large details of everyday life is the very thing that makes life worth living: the gentle touch of a loving person, the carefree laughter of a child, the warm summer breeze that whispers tenderly to us through the leaves of the trees. All the breathtaking beauty of seemingly simple things. As we race towards our imaginary utopias, we often overlook the richest view we are afforded in real life – all that is happening right before our eyes.